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SET TC-1 Crystal Serie Hi-Tech ┼╝el
Your Price: 75,00 EUR
SET TC-1 Crystal Serie Hi-Tech ┼╝el
Catalog Number TC-1
Manufacturer Info Naildesign

1x UV lamp
4x 9W bulb

The perfect lamp for MANICURE certified which are required by the EU, this lamp came from Germany, it is the annual written warranty, there is also the possibility of the warranty service.
If you do not want to buy Chinese fake we invite you to "buy now"


3x Crystal Gel High Tech GOLD
Building strong gels, used to impose the tips and stencil techniques. With a smooth, creamy texture of the self-leveling gel, applying them is very simple.

The set of these gels consists of:

-1x Series Brilliant Crystal Gel 15ml Powerful gel building, used for application to the nails and stencil techniques. With a smooth, creamy texture of the self-leveling gel, applying them is very simple. Available pink tint.

-1x Series Diamond Crystal Gel 15ml Gentle consistency gel that can be used as a primer or gel coat. No need to use the application of the gel.

-1x Series Saphir Crystal Gel 15ml thick high-gloss gel designed to make fill in one quick and easy step.
  • 1x  Adhesive 7.5 g
    Fast drying, for each method is ideal for gluing with brush
  • 3x Pilnik black straight 100/180 flying
    For each type of nail , very good quality.
  • Pilnik black banana 3x 100/180 flying
    For each type of nail , very good quality.
  • 1x white polishing block
    Perfect to wear acrylic or gel - wypilowywania . Very good impact with the hands , indispensable to work with pazurkach artificial gradation : 100/100
  • 1x Cutter
    Stainless steel cutting tips. A very sharp blade - one motion cut tips. Professional !
  • 1x Primer 10ml
    Increases adhesion to acrylic and gel panokcia natural tiles . Includes the minimum amount of acid to etch the plate
  • 1x Cleaner 100ml
    Acetone free

  • 1x Cleaner 100ml
    The fluid is required for each manicurist ! For degreasing nail before applying the gel or acrylic surfaces and degrease the last - the weight of the gel
  • 1x Liquid disinfectant 100ml
    Essential to any nail salon or for home use, disinfect hands and tools - no problem with bacteria !
  • 1x Natural Tips 100pcs in torebeczce
    sizes 1-10 , or you'll get the 10 tips of every size have a big edge , easy to work tipsy . They do not require a lot of sawing through their flexible form by sticking in the air does not get the tips. Do not break the gel, what happens when teasers less flexible . The shape of the light is "C", the natural color of the nail plate.
  • 3x Sticks
    orange wood , finished on one side edge of the other blade
  • 1x swabs 250pcs
    8- ply, dust-free

  • 3x Glitter
    You get 3 boxes of brocades , choose colors for you . Decorations are made of high quality materials. Materials used strongly refract light which increases the attractiveness of ornaments. Your nails will be through them very beautiful.

    Glitter , which sold at this auction are for nail art and acrylic gel method . R├│wnierz can use them for curing varnish or any technique because it is resistant to chemical reactions of various kinds of liquids. , The number of created models is dependent on you , let him bear Cie imagination.
  • 3x Holograms
    So you get three bags of holograms , choose something special for you. May you bear your imagination , you can create a truly beautiful designs from which your customers will be very happy.
  • 1x Brush # 4
    Natural hair martens, for professionals
  • 1x roll 100p Templates
    round, a perfect fit for your nail , very strong adhesive , recommended for use
  • 1x quick finish
    Cures under UV lamp 60 seconds. Gives a unique flash , prevents yellowing nails and also protects them .
  • 3x Oil 10ml
    Nourishes and gives shine, it has a lovely scent
  • 1x Products
    Our full range , 34 pages in color


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 June, 2007.
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